About Us

About Us

MyBud was founded by Whitney Heckford. She realized on her journey of cultivation that watching YouTube videos was rather time consuming and some of the information was either irrelevant or wrong. Determined to come up with a safe place for learning, the MyBud concept began to blossom. Once partnered with Sean Shanahan, the force was unstoppable.

With Shanahan’s business background and Heckford’s thirst to educate; MyBud was born. Now more than just a place to learn how to grow; MyBud also provides a space to share content, connect with others, find employment, or get your cannabis questions answered. We will continue to strive for greatness and roll out new features to help remove the taboo!

Our Mission

Our mission is simple; Educate. Connect. Grow. We strive to remove the negative stigma attached to cannabis by focusing on these three components.


Whitney Heckford

President & CEO

Whitney hasn’t always been in the plant business. Prior to MyBud and High Haven, she ran a successful consulting business for start ups, as well as larger enterprises. Heckford caught the entrepreneurial spirit from her family, no doubt; The Heckford’s have had a successful glass business in Tillsonburg for almost 4 generations, and a few other growing businesses as well.

Her thirst for knowledge and her drive for excellence lead her to the finance world. She successfully raised capital for several start up companies, as well as provided investors to companies that needed working capital. Through the finance world, she was introduced to several companies in the green energy, health and medical as well as cannabis space.

Heckford fell in love with the green space and focused her energy on her passion; cannabis. This is just the beginning for her in this industry, she plans to turn her growing ideas into viable businesses.

Backed by investors that understand

We have a very diverse group of investors backing us. Whether they are in capital markets, cannabis growers, or media moguls; everyone is passionate about the mission.

Find a career in cannabis

Are you talent that is looking for a career in cannabis? Perhaps you’re an employer looking for that hungry new all-star. With our platform, find whatever you are looking for. Our job; to connect!